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I help leaders, managers, and directors of organizations maximize their leadership teams and workforce by development of self awareness, team collaboration, and mindful work and life skills. We help leaders gain skills in managing their leadership impact and the quality of individual, team and organizational engagement in their company culture.  I also help professionals in career changes and transitions who  experience people-related issues in complex home and business environments.
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I work with leaders who need to create meaningful experiences that drive powerful change and collaboration.

My clients are often intellectually gifted and successful professionals under high business performance pressure to achieve success at the level they know they are capable. Clients include founders, entrepreneurs scientists/engineers, organizational leaders. I rapidly increase strengths to address challenges always inherent during life transitions, career advancements, personal set-backs and interpersonal conflicts. I use highly engaging processes proven to rapidly raise self awareness and empower individuals to reach their goals.
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Do you want more positive personal qualities and attitudes?  What about more depth of knowledge about people?  How about consistently high communication skills and more political sense or self -transparency?  How could you gain from above-average decision making speed?  Could you be more conflict capable with more awareness and tools?   

Whether you are an industry leader who wants to make a strong team even better, or an executive struggling with team conflict or difficult transitions, I am here to help.

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Leaders like you are committed to your people. You believe in making solid investments to both improve work quality and build a successful team culture. You strive to be a great leader and to create a work environment that is thriving, inclusive, and collaborative. And you believe wholeheartedly that people development is critical to performance, work satisfaction, and best use of talents.

But even the best leaders deal with challenges in team culture, communication and collaboration.

Team members who can’t seem to get along with their co-workers. Executives who struggle to role model and communicate organizational values effectively. Leaders who spend too much time managing conflict and listening to reoccurring complaints. Engagement that suffers despite structural changes and new hires.

When they find themselves struggling to get a grip on the situation, good leaders start looking for answers.

And they come to me.

For over 20 years, I’ve been known as a problem solving, pattern-recognition superpower behind hundreds of teams, and industry leaders across multiple industries including engineering in aviation and aerospace, high tech, healthcare, and innovative science out to change the world for the better.

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Are you facing one of these frequent management challenges? 


Challenge #1: You have a lot of talent on your team and you want to maximize it!

You want your team to be more energized, renewed, and even more course committed. They need resilience for the long haul. You want them to be excellent role models for those rising up the ranks.

Intelligent and talented leaders need more tools to calibrate their influence and gauge influence on others. The value of multiple group experiences in one company is that the tribal knowledge  permeates across the organizational culture – one person at a time. Noticeable outcomes of multiple group sessions are increased helpfulness, trust and confidence in each other. Your people will bridge across generations more easily and significantly improve communication.

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Challenge #2: It can take YEARS to develop a high-performing team, but you don’t have that much time!

And, in today’s dynamic and fast-paced work environment, teams can shift and change at a moment’s notice. As a leader, you need to accelerate team cohesion and help them get to know each other so they can work together effectively – and fast.

My unique coaching delivery and frameworks quickly promote team coherence through individualized attention and shared language skills to talk through difficult situations in a productive way.

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Challenge #3: People are confused about roles and team interactions need to improve, but where do you start?

Interactions on your team need to change and improve, but where do you start? You have some team members that may not be working so well with others. Lack of role clarity and agreement on work performance are frequent topics of discussion. Collaborative breakdowns have led to poor performance. As a leader, you need to figure out how to get everyone on track and support each person individually in the process.

My approach is known as the ultimate shortcut to improving work quality and job experience for every individual on your team.

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Challenge #4: Too much energy is drained by stress, worry, and loss of confidence needed for the situation.

You could be feeling stuck and overthinking it. Imagine a power-cord stuck in your navel draining the power out of your system. As a leader you need to conserve your energy and keep your intellect for creative problem solving, goal setting, and higher performance to meet the needs of the situation at hand.

Clients frequently report their mental focus, attention, and purposeful intent is now freed up, so that their time and energy can be optimized elsewhere.

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Challenge #5: People are not getting along and frequently ‘triggered’.

Team members are getting under each other’s skin, causing a downward spiral and unproductive use of time. As a leader, you need to be a role model for calm, confidence, clarity and true intent.

What if I told you that, as a leader, 90% of your reactions to other people and situations are not due to external forces but are directly linked to leadership drivers that you can control? It’s true. In over 20 years of experience, I’ve found that a large majority of team distraction and collaborative breakdowns are due to internal mechanisms that can be identified and controlled. As a leader, you need conscious awareness of your own and other’s leadership drivers, and you need to support them to grow in a way that preserves dignity and integrity.

My work is founded on the profound inner discovery of personalized leadership drivers. Leaders quickly see their personal accountability in a new light, and can adjust their influence for the better. As a leader, you need to wear your values on your sleeve.

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Challenge #6: Meetings show symptoms of collaborative discontent.

Meetings are frustrating, maybe even boring. You can almost predict what each person is going to say and what their stance will be. Though each person may clearly the other person’s blind spot, they can’t see their own. Unaddressed misunderstandings within a team can lead to a downward spiral of negativity. As a leader, you need to interrupt this pattern and be an agent of change within your team.

Leaders count on me to help their people see clearly into their personal Leadership Drivers. You cannot learn this by taking a personality profile or psychological instrument. Personal change requires a deeper understanding.

Teams who work with me consistently grow leadership maturity and minimize confusion and lack of accountability.

My impact/high touch coaching process offers a fresh way to not only see issues, but to talk about them more clearly and easily.

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Challenge # 7:  It’s not you; it’s your boss.  Your boss is not listening.

He/she seems overwhelmed and under aware of what’s happening during your interactions.  It’s hard to get questions answered and decision making is too slow.  People don’t know what to do or can’t get the go ahead needed to move forward.  Your boss could be stressed and stuck in some version of#4 above.  You care about your boss and need to figure out how to help.  Status quo won’t cut it.  

The majority (95%) of leaders who have been participants in my flagship workshop proceed to send their direct team reports they most highly value to me.  They send their most talented people whose opinions they trust.  If this describes you, then your boss will thank you for a discreet recommendation to call me.  For over 20 years, this is the way leaders find out about me.   I would enjoy starting a conversation  — call me at 425 957 1996!  

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Challenge # 8:  It’s not  what’s going on at work (well, not only) – it’s what’s happening at home too.  

It’s not really new to know that what you might struggle with at work, finds it way into the house as well.  Maybe what works at work, doesn’t work at home.  Or vice-versa.  Well the only common denominator is you and specific parts of you that show up new and fresh, or routine, mechanical and even stuck.  Getting a breakthrough in a primary personal relationship is awesome – and rare!  

Many professionals who are leading teams at work, ask me to deliver a meaningful experience for their spouse.  And yes, it’s works.  I’ve been told this:  Jane, this experience is like 6 years of marriage counseling in 3 days!   I help professionals who have exceptional careers, are founders and co-owners, and or just need a deeper dive into understanding the dynamics in their conversations better.  My couples workshop provides  an experience used over your lifetime, helping your re-set, re-boot, and re-discover your spouse again and again.  , 

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