Jane Hundley, M.A.


My High Impact Management framework helps companies and their teams to focus their energy by reducing interpersonal conflicts in the workplace, build talent by revealing and cultivating untapped potential, and foster aspiration and connection through high-touch coaching experiences.

I’ve worked with executives, managers and their teams to maximize leadership potential, create a culture of understanding and collaboration, gain tools to manage their reactions and relationships with greater skill and self-awareness, and address problems with ease and clarity. Not only do my clients gain the massive competitive advantage of a self-aware leadership team and workforce, but they have the awards to prove it.

As an innovator in applied behavioral science and management psychology, I created Personal Presence®, an original behavioral science management methodology designed to enhance the personal characteristics and success patterns of executives and leaders. Since founding Impact Management Systems in 1999, I have delivered hundreds of successful leadership programs to teams and small groups of executives and facilitated over a thousand successful in-depth coaching sessions.

I am passionate about building positive cultures where people are considered important and respect is a commodity that is easily and effortlessly offered. I believe that real and meaningful transformations happen for people when they work at a deeper level to identify and develop what drives their successful behavior and diminish those beliefs and behaviors that limit success.

My work consistently results in better outcomes, more productivity, improved leadership potential, and less conflict in the work environment. Further, beyond just measurable outcomes, my clients report better work/life balance, less stress, stronger marriages, increased planning insights, and greater career satisfaction. Through the High Impact process, they are inspired to their greatest potential and receive personal and professional insights that they carry with them throughout their careers.

Whether you’re struggling to find a solution to your most stressful leadership situations or are ready to make your good team great, my High Impact Management programs are designed to support you and your unique needs.

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The Official Bio: About Jane

In 1996, Jane received her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, followed by her Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her work is informed by her immense research into the early roots of motivational psychology, ontology, and high performance individual and teamwork. Now, as the principal trainer, leadership development specialist and executive coach for Impact Management, Inc., Jane utilizes her proven High Impact Management framework to create extraordinary results quickly and effectively for her clients and their teams.

Prior to her coaching and consulting career, Jane Hundley’s life involved world travel working in with diverse and influential groups of people. Her business career began in Paris, France as an international model working for fashion publications including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and such designers as Ives St. Laurent, Georgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Valentino, and many more. From there, she continued to build her own leadership skills as a co-owner of a modeling agency and went on to serve as the freelance creative director of Northwest regional publications and an executive consultant on image for Nordstrom clientele.

Jane published The Power of Personal Presence® in 1993 (not currently available), which highlighted the early personal development and teamwork methods she learned while working with high-performance creative teams in the fashion industry.

Jane Hundley is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her work can be found at Forbes.com and other publications.

Her clients include:
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Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) (over 25 directors and managers)/Ballard Technology
Intellectual Ventures Lab (over 20 managers, scientists, and engineers) and Institute for Disease Modeling
Blue Origin, LLC (21 program managers and engineers)
Aerojet (11 executives, directors and managers)
Primex Aerospace (60 senior executives and managers)
General Dynamics (12 senior managers and directors)
Wizards of the Coast (18 senior executives and managers)
GenCon (7 members management team)
Moneytree, Inc. (24 executives and managers)
Immunex (24 executive regional sales directors)
Unit Process Company (24 sales representatives)
K & H Printing (24 top managers and middle managers)
Bell-Anderson Insurance (18 sales reps)
Intentional Software Corporation (founder)
Denali Consulting (founders)
Microsoft (senior business managers)
National Specialty Underwriters (principal and manager)
Excellent Cultures (founder)
Vistage (Master Coach and Facilitator)
Easy Spirit
Edmunds & Associates
Elliott Bay Man. Group
WinSales Inc.
Networx Inc
Blue Cross of Alaska
Kimberly Clarke
University of Washington
Cascadia Consulting
Kindercare at Work
Seattle University
Pacific Institute
Data IO
Priority Management