Hal Katernick

Hal Katernick is the originator of the cognitive development technology called the Katernick Method of Cognitive Processing Development.  His development method has been applied successfully in various domains of sports and athletic performance, executive coaching, and special education.

Mr. Katernick develops and teaches advanced thinking skills to business executives, athletes, and students with learning problems in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.  His programs are proven effective for building cognitive skills as demonstrated by extraordinary client gains in executive, athletic, and scholastic performance.

Professional History

Mr. Katernick has worked extensively as a consultant and specialist trainer of  higher order thinking skills to senior management teams in major corporations in London, such as BCTEL, BDDO, BBH, J Walter Thompson, Thames Television, Sky Television, Ogilvy & Mather, British United Provident Association (BUPA), and McKinsey & Co.

A highlight of his professional career includes a project from 1995-1998 working with McKinsey & Co. in the UK.  Mr. Katernick facilitated a series of specially created programs called the Thinking Smarter Not Harder – Cognitive Process Development Program and consulted with both Senior Partners, Directors and Engagement Managers.

The Katernick Method for Cognitive Processing Development is sought after by athletes and health professionals as well.  Mr. Katernick’s coaching method is known for its precise mental game simulation environment created for the individual player.  The Katernick Method involves a distinct isolation of cognitive performance strengths and weaknesses, and allows for observation, discussion, understanding, and development to outstanding levels.

All cognitive development is customized to the individual even when working in a group.  Action learning is core to the program for developing understanding and mastery of zone states and zone state performance.

From 2006 to present, Mr. Katernick’s method has been used as an applied intervention for multiple research case studies with children, adolescents, and adults who have learning disorders of multiple kinds.  Most recently, the Katernick Method is being applied towards Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Hal lives and works with his wife, Jane Hundley, in Bellevue, Washington.