Who We Are

1 Impact Management Executive Coaching Team

Jane Hundley, M.A. Senior Coach

High Impact Leadership Program Master Trainer, Executive Coach, and Organizational Psychologist


Jane Hundley is a highly experienced and well-qualified executive coach and facilitator.  She is passionate about making a sustainable difference for her clients and believes that real and meaningful transformations happen for people through working at a deeper level to identify and develop what drives their successful behavior and diminishing those limiting beliefs and behaviors that limit success.  Jane has found that clients achieve exceptional results for both themselves and their organization when they understand and can operate authentically and more transparently, showing their personal best.  In particular, this is true for those who align consciously with clarity of purpose and direction in a purposeful life overall.  Jane’s clients have described her as a person who listens deeply into people and situations, quickly understands the core concerns, and possesses intellectual depth while at the same time building trust rapidly in a supportive way.  Working with Jane can be both challenging and liberating as she is able to encourage clients out of their comfort zone to inspire the personal change they seek in order to fulfill their potential.  Organizations regularly return to seek Jane’s facilitation in executive leadership coaching because of the positive impact her programs and experience have made with their people.

Professional History

Jane Hundley is an innovator in applied behavioral science and management psychology.  In 1992, she founded Personal Presence®, an original behavioral science management methodology, and began her coaching and counseling career. In 1999, she incorporated Impact Management Systems as a boutique executive consulting firm.  While conducting continual research and developing her new method, Jane has delivered many hundreds of successful leadership programs to small groups of executives and facilitated over a thousand successful in-depth coaching sessions.  Her focus is one-to-one and small group processes for High Impact Leadership development.

Jane earned her Bachelors degree in Applied Behavioral Science at the Leadership Institute of Seattle at John Bastyr University, and acquired her Masters of Arts in Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology at Northcentral University with a concentration in Cognitive Leadership.  Her focus also includes leadership presence, systems theory, motivational psychology, ontology, and a strong focus on high performance practices of individuals and teams.

As principal trainer and executive coach for Impact Management, Inc., Jane provides custom-tailored training and coaching methods to directors, executives, and managers.

Prior to her coaching and consulting career, Jane’s life involved world travel working with diverse and influential groups of people.  Her early business career began in Paris, France, as an international model working for major fashion publications including Vogue (French, British, American, and Italian), Elle, Glamour, and such designers as Georgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Gianfranco Ferre, Donna Karan, Issey Miyake, and Valentino.  She continued to build her leadership skills as the co-owner of a modeling agency.  Her business required her to travel, study, and work in the fashion industry in the major cities around the world.  This fast-paced modeling career, diversity and demanding pace of work served her well in preparing for consulting and personal development as a freelance creative director of Northwest regional publications and an executive consultant on image for Nordstrom clientele.

Jane published The Power of Personal Presence®, in 1993 (not currently available), a non-corporate summary released in English and translated into German. The book includes the early personal development methods that Jane used while working with high performance creative teams in the public relations area of the international fashion industry.

List of clients:
Intellectual Ventures Lab (20+ directors, scientists, engineers, and managers)
Astronics Electronic Systems (AES) (25+ directors and managers)
Blue Origin, LLC (20+ program managers and engineers)
Optix Consulting (senior partner), FocalPointeGroup
National Specialty Underwriters (principal and manager)
Aerojet (11 executives, directors and managers)
Primex Aerospace (60 senior executives and managers)
General Dynamics (12 senior managers and directors)
Wizards of the Coast (18 senior executives and managers)
Moneytree Inc. (24 executives and managers)
Immunex (24 executive regional sales directors)
Unit Process Company (24 sales representatives)
K & H Printing (24 top managers and middle managers)
Bell-Anderson Insurance (18 sales reps)
Intentional Software Corporation (senior executive)

Easy Spirit
Edmunds & Associates
Elliott Bay Man. Group
WinSales Inc.
Networx Inc
Blue Cross of Alaska
Kimberly Clarke
Phillip Morris
University of Washington
Cascadia Consulting
Kindercare at Work

Jane is a married mother of two and grandmother of two who enjoys a full active life including hiking, yoga, meditation, singing, music, movement, travel and life long study of health and wellness practices.

Hal Katernick, Founder of the Katernick Method of Cognitive Processing Development Senior Coach

Entrepreneur, Brain Trainer, and Management Consultant


Professional History

Hal Katernick is the originator of the cognitive development technology called the Katernick Method of Cognitive Process Development.  His development method has been applied successfully in various domains of sports and athletic performance, executive coaching, and special education.

Mr. Katernick develops and teaches advanced thinking skills to business executives, athletes, and students with learning problems in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.  His programs are proven effective for building cognitive skills as demonstrated by extraordinary client gains in executive, athletic, and scholastic performance.

Mr. Katernick has worked extensively as a consultant and specialist trainer of  higher order thinking skills to senior management teams in major corporations in London, such as BCTEL, BDDO, BBH, J Walter Thompson, Thames Television, Sky Television, Ogilvy & Mather, British United Provident Association (BUPA), and McKinsey & Co.

A highlight of his professional career includes a project from 1995-1998 working with McKinsey & Co.  in the UK.  Mr. Katernick facilitated a series of specially created programs called the Thinking Smarter Not Harder Cognitive Skill Development Program and consulted with both senior partners and engagement managers.

The Katernick Method for Cognitive Process Development is sought after by athletes and health professionals as well.  Mr. Katernick’s coaching method is known for its precise mental game simulation environment created for the individual player.  The Katernick method involves a distinct isolation of cognitive performance strengths and weaknesses, and allows for observation, discussion, understanding, and development to outstanding levels.

All cognitive development is customized to the individual even when working in a group. Action learning is core to the program for developing understanding and mastery of zone states and zone state performance.

From 2006 to present, Mr. Katernick’s method has been used as an applied intervention for multiple research case studies with children, adolescents, and adults who have learning disorders of multiple kinds.  Most recently, the Katernick Method of Cognitive Process Development is being applied towards Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Hal lives and works with his wife, Jane Hundley, in Seattle, Washington.