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High Impact Management: The ultimate shortcut to understand your Leadership Drivers, quickly influence others and navigate stressful situations with ease.

Through one-on-one coaching, small group experiences, and High Impact leadership development programs, I help my clients grow their potential, manage stressors, and
increase team cohesion by applying my proven frameworks delivered within a format customized to your leadership team as individuals, and specific to your unique culture.

Individuals walk away from our sessions with greater confidence, deepened self-awareness, and more collaborative skills. Managers and executives leave with tools to facilitate effective conflict resolution and navigate difficult conversations with ease, as well as increased leadership presence and personal accountability. Teams report greater cohesiveness, increased organizational alignment, and developed norms and communication standards.

Whether you’re a leader who finds yourself stuck without a solution, struggling with a lack of team cohesion or emerging negative team norms,

Or an executive preparing for a major shift in your workforce, as Baby Boomers retire and millennials and G-Xers move up to management positions that require greater influence, communication and accountability skills,

Or a leader ready to invest in your really good team to maximize their talents and skills and make them great,

Our High Impact Management programs deliver a proven experience with immediately realized workplace improvements, potent leadership development, and increased personal and organizational awareness.

High Impact Leadership Personal Presence®: Our Flagship 3-Day Program

The High Impact Leadership Program (HILP) is our flagship concentrated study exclusively designed to support leaders and their teams in:

  • Senior executive decision-making so that leaders are able to guide their teams with clarity and confidence.
  • Self-awareness and self-management tools so that team members on all levels are equipped with personal leadership and awareness skills.
  • Change and transition leadership so that new-hires and restructured teams can move forward with focus and intention.
  • Effective communications strategies resulting in increased collaboration and less conflict, more dialogue and quicker problem solving.

This 3-day program is grounded on delivering outstanding results for both the individual and organization through the High Impact Leadership framework and is designed to develop the leader’s situational awareness, people perceptiveness, and unique Personal Presence®.

This is not accomplished with tests and profiles, it is conducted using master coaching techniques that solicit unique items within individuals that cannot be retrieved with such depth or accuracy using a test or personality profile.

True understanding requires going deeper.

The skills gained through the High Impact Leadership Experience are delivered in a highly personalized learning experience which allows participants to immediately apply new skills gained in coaching sessions. The High Impact Leadership framework equips all personality and leadership types in your organization with new tools to flourish under high-performance demands with their own brand of leadership and gives your team a common vocabulary that makes it easier to communicate and collaborate much more effectively.

What others are saying about the High Impact Leadership Experience:

“I sent 5 of my direct reports to the High Impact Leadership Program with Jane Hundley, and I have never seen anything like this kind of change over my whole career. Each one of my staff has come individually to my office and reported their issues with other departments, how they have addressed and resolved these issues in a positive manner, and I haven’t had to be involved. This training rates a 10 out of 10 in the impact it has made on my people related to their individualized rapid improvement in people relations, cooperation and productivity.” – D.M., Director of Operations, Astronics AES

“This training has been the most effective and immediately practical application of communication and management skills that IMMUNEX has ever had.” – M.C., Senior V.P. of Sales, Immunex

“Jane’s feedback was outstanding: I wish I had Jane available to help with issues on a regular basis. I am impressed by what can occur over a mere three days. Most training does not accomplish as much. It is amazing how true it is that once we understand what motivates each of us and that we can admire those motivations, how many barriers to communication go away. Jane’s program takes self-awareness in interactions to the next level.” – M.S., Astronics AES

Learn more about the High Impact Leadership Experience here.

High Impact Coaching – Personal Leadership Development for Life and Career

Graduates of the High Impact Leadership Experience are invited to continue their personal development through the High Impact Coaching program. Through this highly individualized and personal one-on-one coaching experience, clients work with me to develop and apply Personal Presence® skills in critical work situations, receiving the tools and awareness to move ahead with greater tenacity and less distraction.

High Impact Coaching is designed for individuals who want to further their understanding of  their personal leadership drivers, increase their impact, build advanced leadership skills, and make significant improvements in job execution, self-management, and present moment awareness. Individuals create a customized program made up of a combination of situational analysis, deep engagement self-awareness, personal leadership strategic planning, and in-depth 360° feedforward processes.  

Learn more about High Impact Coaching here.

What others are saying about High Impact Management:

“Knowing how you react to situations and developing some simple tools in communication makes you more effective. I have greatly improved in my ability to spot my triggers and stay in control. This program is very personalized and directed. Jane has a good handle on how to deliver messages that need to be heard. What I like most is this process is the simple way to break things down so they are more easily thought about and communicated. This has helped me more quickly assess a situation and frees up more attention, and gives more time for a positive response.” – G.D., V.P. of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab

“There is a paradox which is at the root of my behavior with dramatic implications on my personal performance. I am now able to control and utilize this paradox in achieving higher levels of personal presence and effectiveness.” – B.S., V.P. of Space, Primex Aerospace

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