High Impact Leadership Program

Our flagship leadership learning program

GettyImages_160195496High Impact Leadership Program (HILP) is our flagship concentrated study in senior executive decision-making, self-awareness and self-management skills, change and transition leadership, and effective communication strategies.  Delivering results for both the individual and organizations, its tools develop the leader’s situational awareness, humanistic perceptiveness, and Personal Presence®. Skills gained through the HILP are based on universal principles and are designed and delivered in a personal way, equipping all personality types in your organization to flourish under high-performance demands with their exemplary brand of leadership.

The HILP spans 3 and 1/2 days over a six to eight week time span period and is structured for individuals and small groups of four to eight executives and managers.  After a two day training period, clients have a number of weeks to put new insights into practice. An interim session and third day complete the training period.  Clients are invited to continue developing their leadership practice through a tailored Executive Coaching program upon the conclusion.

In the HILP, each executive gains insights into key performance patterns as they relate to the following leadership skill sets:

1. Self-Awareness and Personal Presence®
Enhances personal characteristics and success patterns of executives. Clients become more aware of their inner life and how it contributes to their comportment and influence in business.  We strive for leaps in understanding of the basic foundations of the individual’s life.  Clients gain a new level of clarity they can use to gauge and calibrate their influence on others and others’ influence on them.  They come to understand the mechanics of their individuality and learn new ways to apply their energy, passion, and commitment by enhancing their personal presence.

2. Recognizing Deeper Motivations
Assists leaders to better recognize the depth, range, and impact of their own and others’ deepest drives and aspirations.  They can then more easily uncover others’ underlying needs and concerns, act with these needs in mind, and gain their trust and respect – key to opening opportunities to apply talents of their teams.

3. Gaining Objectivity and Clarity of Perspective
Promotes advanced communication and situational analysis skills for behavioral and management style improvements.  Reduce ambiguity by illuminating key elements of perception and patterns that are often difficult to detect.

4. Improving Thinking and Decision Making Process
Ensures executives’ ability to better manage their use of attention under pressure.  Learning this skill results in becoming more responsive and less reactive, especially in difficult situations, and gaining the ability to gauge and follow reliable success patterns.  The program’s learning format is facilitation-based, non-confrontational, and often intellectually engaging and intriguing without disclosing any personal or any company-sensitive information.

As with any high-end executive program, participants are able to get a better picture of themselves and gain genuine orientation to situational reality and improve performance.  Our client satisfaction ratings show that our program is exceptional at helping executives gain deep insights and at the same time, focus on improved business relationships.

Executives grow knowledge and practical skills in present moment awareness, self-management, and effective communication strategies.  Many of our clients have said this training is the best learning experience and practical upgrade in personal leadership development they’ve had over their entire career. We work with a wide range of diverse personality and preference styles and equip each person with real clarity and a fresh look at their innermost and highly customized framework of identity. We cannot improve, change, or transform what we do not deeply understand, and there nothing more practical than to deepen yourself as a leader.