High Impact Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Managers

Mastering Self-Awareness and Personal Presence®

3 Test 2 for placmentHigh Impact Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Managers with Jane Hundley, M.A. is a customized approach to developing leaders that ensures the client’s continued growth after their participation in our flagship High Impact Leadership Program.  We use highly personalized discussions and a suite of developmental models and frameworks to strengthen the leader’s position in specific business scenarios and professional and personal transitions.

Building on the HILP, our Coaching programs develop the executive’s ability to move ahead with tenacity and less distraction, while remaining flexible enough to adjust to the environment’s feedback and the additional insights of a seasoned leadership coach.  Executives gain the ability to recognize moments of strategic importance and lead with clarity, focus, and confidence.

The duration and direction taken during a one-on-one Coaching program varies with individual needs and experience. The executive builds advanced leadership skills through active learning sessions that support them to comfortably learn, achieve, and measure new positive outcomes.  Check-in points may continue throughout the executive’s career, especially during significant personal transitions.

When executives need to step up to the challenge of company demands  –  preparing for promotion, leading a major cultural shift, or responding to team or personal setbacks  –  they will make significant gains in leadership performance, job execution, self-management and influence, and meaningful relationships through our IMI High Impact coaching.

We are excited to include the IMI Gaining Self Awareness eCourse as an integral part of each clients coaching experience.

Please contact me contact me about beginning your High Impact Coaching program today.

Jane Hundley, M.A.