Cognitive Leadership – Working Smarter Not Harder Program

Thinking Skills for Executives

The primary tool of a business leader is his or her thinking ability.

Yet very few programs are equipped to address the direct relationship between human cognition and cognitive processing and leadership excellence.  IMI has partnered with Master Level Cognitive Leadership Coach, Hal Katernick, Founder and sole facilitator of the Katernick Method of Cognitive Processing Development for Leaders, Senior Executives and Emerging to Pro Athletes, to help solve this problem.

Powerful and controlled cognition underlies peak human performance during
all complex human activities.

The Cognitive Processing Development program uses the Katernick Method to provide senior executives and professional athletes with an effective and measurable way to make significant productivity gains in day-to-day performance, increasing thinking clarity, focus, awareness, processing speed, and learning speed.

Executive work involves an array of cognitive tasks ranging in demand from Simple to Compound, Complex, and Overwhelming.  Cognitive limitations in the individual bring managers to a halt – and with them, teams and entire companies.  Clearly measuring one’s own thinking abilities under the highest pressures, while developing weaknesses and mistake recovery speed, is critical to enhancing the leader’s thinking capacity.  Most importantly, we have emphatically found that executives can profoundly improve their cognition in any stage of life.

The Cognitive Processing Development program accomplishes for executives:

  1. Excellence under the highest business and project pressure
  2. Downstream success in business and project-management
  3. Accelerated career advancement through greater capacity in daily attention-management and executive control

We bring cognitive strengths and weaknesses to the surface in an action-learning environment.  Our cognitive training replicates the work demands of Simple-Compound-Complex-Overwhelming  task-loads to provide a growth stimulus to fundamental cognitive leadership skills: problem-solving, awareness, concentration intensity, calm, decision making, associative learning, and planning.

Business Simulation Games

The Katernick Method involves a series of business simulation cognitive skill building games designed for senior individuals (of any age) to acquire greater cognitive skills quickly and effectively.  Over a series of one-to-one training sessions, ideally no more than once per week, executives are guided through complex business simulation games (not computer games) using an action-learning methodology.

The business simulation games reconstruct the actual mental performance pressures experienced during the workday.  The Katernick Method is full-sensory, highly engaging, and constantly interactive training methodology that uses increasing pressure to load cognitive skills, build strength, and increase fluency.  Participants can observe their cognitive strengths and weaknesses in live time, allowing us to design and practice new strategies that translate directly to improvements in their cognitive strength, stamina, and workday performance.