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  • More mindful managers coming up!

    Had a great time conducting another workshop on high impact management for @Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems. AES takes pride in how they value their people and invest time into their development. It’s not a surprise they’ve won best company to work for 10 years in a row! Here are some of my favorite participants’ post […]

  • Opening my kimono more than usual in this recent interview for Huffington’s ThriveGlobal new online venture.

    Fred Duku Silver interview with me. He says…Had an amazing time interviewing Jane Hundley and how she is helping individuals solve and resolve the infinite questions that haunt them unconsciously for Arianna Huffington’s new venture Thrive Global. “Know that your greatest weakness can be your greatest strength, you just have to discover it. It is a […]

  • How to choose the right kind of coach for your business

    Choosing the right kind of business coach isn’t easy but it is important. Read about how to determine what kind of coaching your business needs in this article I wrote for Forbes online magazine. It’s one thing to recognize your organization is having a problem — it’s another thing to actively seek out a solution. Bringing […]

  • To Question or Not to Question

    There is no doubt that asking questions is one of the main power tools used by good leaders. Good leaders have a habit of spending time contemplating the best questions they need to ask to solicit accurate and clarifying answers. One could even say the essence and primary activity of good leadership is asking questions. […]

  • 14 Effective meeting hacks

    Meeting hacks are something useful that every leader and manager can implement to run a better, less boring and more effective meeting. This list of recommendations is compiled from Forbes Coaches and one of my hacks is featured on the list. I talk about how important it is to make sure you always ask the […]

  • Tribute to Astronics AES

    I am proud to extend a tribute for Astronics Electronic Systems for winning Seattle Business 100 Best Companies to Work For 9th year in row! I was at Astronics yesterday for coaching development and took this picture of their awards. I personally know how much this company is dedicated to building a culture by people […]

  • Do People Issues Ever Really Get Resolved?

    Do People Issues Ever Really Get Resolved? This blog topic is on the serious side. This discussion is good for someone who is encountering people issues somewhere on their team(s). After many years of working with people on teams that sometimes have needs for conflict resolution, I still ask myself “Do people issues ever really […]

  • Let it flow. Let it flow. Let it flow.

    Let it flow this holiday season!  Holiday time has its ups and downs. Many people experience the holidays as a depressing time of year due to many problems and issues they are dealing with in their families, friends, work or social organizations. This year we are using the theme of ‘Re-Booting’ over the holidays.  We […]

  • People Hacks That Make Others Feel Thankful For You

    Pass the gratitude, please! Be thankful at work. Sometimes we wonder how we are perceived, if we are valued and appreciated. It is nice to not make anyone wonder about how you feel. Here are some reminders to create a climate of thankfulness with others. Reminders on how to make others thankful for you and […]

  • Understanding Polarities in the Workplace

    An area of study that helps leaders improve is to understand their organization’s polarities. Polarities in organizations can be a major mystery for leaders. Polarities underlie your most troubling organizational miseries because they are opposing forces that are continually interactive in groups. Polarities are simply problems that cannot be solved and can only be managed. […]

  • The Problem with Thinking about Problems

    If you are a leader today, then you work to solve problems.  You work to remove obstacles to productivity and to be a positive influence for success.  You know you need to do this daily.  That’s just what you do.  So, it is good to gain more understanding of problem solving types.  Get better at […]

  • Collaboration – Walking the Talk!

    Collaboration is more than meets the eye and it takes a lot of skill and self awareness. Most people are less aware how much they compete instead of collaborate, or how soon they give in and compromise or comply. Not only are we unaware of the collaborative breakdown when it happens, we often do not […]

  • Collaboration – It’s a Learned Skill

    One of the topics most managers, old and young, new and seasoned, seem to grapple with during their careers in management is figuring out how to get their teams to collaborate more. Today companies need to engage collaboration as a key skill set important to their hiring and retention plans. Regardless of organizational structure of […]

  • Three Questions To Ask When Problems Are Frustrating

    When leaders are challenged to lead during times of chaos and turmoil, understanding how to approach certain problems is critical. One important area to address is to understand the forces at play that can be latent under the radar of performance during problem solving. Problem-solving skills are fundamental for any leader. Regardless of the nature […]

  • Self-preservation is human – but when does it demotivate your team?

    Leadership is about people, so understanding a bit about social psychology can help. An amazing amount of information about people has been gleaned from social research that leaders may forget – and maybe even deny.  Research findings show the majority of people really do automatically imagine that success on their part is due to their […]

  • Freedom From Triggers and Hooks

    There is something all of us would like to be free of, not just on the fourth of July, but most any regular day – a phenomena that occurs frequently to most people at home and at work (and often driving on the freeway), that has to do with our thoughts and feelings when we […]

  • Not In Our Town!

    How CEOs and citizens can unite to regain a sense of safety in times of strife. In the aftermath of the murders of nine innocent African Americans while worshiping in a local historic landmark church in South Carolina, I have been struck by the impact this event is making on our communities and nation as […]

  • Reflections on South Carolina Tragedy

    When tragedy happens, can you just do business as usual?  In the life of a coach, and anyone in the helping professionals, doing business ‘as usual’ is not really possible.  Companies who have employees that suffer sudden loss need to grant some emotional space in times of need. Being from the South born in Georgia […]

  • You can’t handle the truth!

    Jack Nicholson’s famous line in A Few Good Men is one of my all time favorites.  His stern faced shout out in the movie comes to mind more frequently than I would like to admit in my role as an executive coach.  The task of telling the hard facts to someone who needs to have […]

  • Is It A Big Fish or Little Fish?

    I live in the beautiful Northwest where we enjoy some of the best fly fishing around.  One summer I took a river tour and dropped a fly into just about every river between the Snoqualmie in Washington and the Yellowstone in Colorado.  It was one of the most renewing two weeks of my life because […]

  • Aerospace Rockstars in Redmond

    Yesterday, One Redmond, an organization that promotes entrepreneurial start up businesses, gave an industry update on the rising business opportunities in the city.  Leaders – Fred Wilson of Aerojet Rocketdyne (formerly Rocket Research -the first aerospace company to open in Washington state in 1966), and Chris Voorhees of Planetary Resources (a small company launched only […]

  • Triggers and Hooks

    Personal Hooks and triggers are catalysts for a sudden onset and change of personal “state” –your state of thinking, feeling, intending, acting and behaving. Hooks and triggers may be positive such as receiving a phone call you just won the lottery would set you into a positive tizzy right away. However, most often I’ve found […]

  • Johnny Dark Had Presence

    Most of my clients do not know that I was a child hunter/jumper equestrian. Some of my experience with showing up in the ring with personal presence started quite young while riding horses, especially when I was contracted-to-ride a former national ranking PONY hunter-jumper champion named Johnny Dark. Johnny Dark had presence. When he went […]

  • Are You Teachable?

    Learning can be a shared experience, and that is what works best in an organization.  However, people  can be funny and very individualized about learning. A kind of resistance can arise when it appears one person is trying to be ‘the teacher’ when others are not even interested in learning, maybe not about that topic […]